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FLOM has several channels of customer support both for our current customers and those interested in purchasing.

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Download a PDF copy of our entire catalog which includes descriptions of all products, and lists of parts, connectors/tubing and other consumables. Downloading and use of these materials imply that you accept the Terms of Use listed below.

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Terms of Use

Before using the website of FLOM, the maker and seller of LC components (hereafter referred to as “this website”) read the Terms of Use below. This website can only be used if you agree to abide by the Terms of Use given below.

  • Conditions of Use
    1. For the Download Service
      • (1)Do not copy or alter the contents of catalogs downloaded from this website.
      • (2)This website does not contain the user’s manuals of all products marketed by FLOM. If you cannot find the User Manual for a product on this website, contact the firm or outlet from which you bought the product, a dealer of FLOM products or FLOM itself, to purchase a copy.
      • (3)Please be aware that User Manuals may not be available for discontinued products.
    2. Contents of User Manuals
      • (1)As a matter of principle, the user manuals offered on this website are the original manuals when the products first began shipping. Due to incremental changes in the products some of the minor details of the user manuals may not match those of the unit currently used by the customer. If there is a difference between the manual and the customer’s product and the customer wishes clarification, the customer should contact the firm or outlet where the unit was purchased. When FLOM wishes to update a user manual which was being included in a purchased product package, we may, without notification, make such modifications and post the updated user manual on this website. However, the user manuals on this website, in general, do not always reflect the up-to-date modifications as do the packaged versions.
      • (2)When purchased, products are sometimes delivered with additional instructional materials included. These additional materials are not downloadable from this website.
    3. List of Precautions Documentation
      • (1)When purchased, products are delivered with separate documentation detailing “Precautions When Using” information. These documents are not downloadable from this website.
      • (2)The contents of this documentation may be altered due to regulatory changes. If you have any questions about the contents of this documentation, contact the firm or outlet from which you purchased the product.
    4. Limit on Liability of this Website
      FLOM Corporation hereby disclaims any and all liability for any damages, including data loss, interruption of service, and loss of sales data, or for any indemnities due to any third parties because of such damages, resulting from using, or the inability to use, this website.
    5. Website Closure and Modification
      This website may be closed at any time without prior notice, and the contents and conditions may be altered at any time without notice.
    6. Inquiries
      User manuals are documentation provided as a service to customers who have purchased our products. If you have not purchased a particular product, we may not be able to honor your request for a copy of the user manual for that product.
  • Copyright Notice
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    Except for legally recognized private use as outlined in trademark laws, no trademarks, tradenames or logos may be used without explicit permission of their respective owners.
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  • Forbidden Activities
    The following activities are forbidden on this website.
    1. Actions that may interfere with operation of this website
      • (1)Actions which may harm FLOM or other users of this website, or interfere with the free use of the website, or which cause damage or could lead to such damage;
      • (2)Actions which negatively impact the finances or privacy of FLOM or third parties;
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      • (4)Illegal actions or actions contrary to relevant regulations, or which may lead to such;
      • (5)All other actions deemed objectionable by the owner of this site.
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  • Governing Law
    The terms and conditions, and the use of this website, will be, unless mentioned otherwise, governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country of Japan.


We welcome inquiries about any and all of our products and our company.

Support Center

We accept questions, discussions, and requests for repairs through the telephone, by fax, or through the use of our online contact form. Use whichever method fits your needs.

2 Sample Inquiries
The following will give you an idea of what a typical inquiry looks like. Details are very important ? the more the better.

  • ?“Could you make this component for us?” followed by details of the proposed component.
  • ?
  • “I need repairs on this part.” followed by product details and outline of malfunction.
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