Q&A about FLOM LC Components

Can you design and develop a product not listed on the website?
Yes, we welcome specialty orders ? feel free to ask! We develop customised products based on our current offerings, for example, we can redesign the form factor of a component to fit your OEM application.
Which products listed on this site can be used for OEM applications?
Almost all our products can be adapted for use in OEM systems. OEM applications are a major part of our business, and we are ready to build the exact component you need for your application, even if there’s nothing like it on our website.
Do you design and develop detectors as well?
As of now, no, we do not deal in detectors.
I can’t find what I’m looking for on your site.
We can build almost anything a customer needs, far beyond what we can just show on the website. We have ample experience in special order parts and components. Just ask!
I’m looking for something that will fit perfectly into our current devices/system.
Leave it to us! We’re specialists in miniaturization, and can adapt many of our existing products to fit the specs and dimensions you require. We’ve successfully adapted one product or another in almost every job we’ve been given.
When you say ‘small lot’, how small are you talking about?
That depends on the device and system complexity, but we are very nimble at it. You’d be surprised ? just ask and we’ll see what we can do.
And when you say ‘short delivery cycles’, how short are you talking about?
Again, depending on the complexity of the device and the amount of changes that need implementing. Check out our case studies on this website, where we give actual production times ? one case study took only 5 weeks. Then give us a call about your system development.
We’re not sure which of your products would be best for our application. Any advice?
Yes ? contact us today! Give us the details and we’ll give you the best recommendation we can.

If you have any other questions besides those above, please call us and let us know!

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