From First Inquiry
to Final Delivery

How We Work: from First Inquiry to Final Delivery

  1. 1.Contact FLOM

    If you wish to order LC components from FLOM, first contact us using the website Contact Form, or if you prefer, call or fax. We respond to all fax and web queries.

    • Contact FLOM Here
    • Tel:  +81428-30-7454 Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00 (Japan Time)
    • Fax: +81428-30-7452, 24 Hour Contact

    Download Fax Form HERE

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  2. 2.Talk with a Salesperson

    A salesperson will discuss your needs with you. Our catalog products may be what you want, or a special order is also possible. We’re ready to help with small lots, prompt deliveries, and miniaturization projects.

  3. 3.Get a Quotation

    Once we understand your needs we will issue you a quotation. If you need to know more about price or sales conditions, just ask!

  4. 4.Place an Order

    Once the quotation is found acceptable, we are ready to take your order.

  5. 5.Talk with an Engineer

    The engineer in charge of the order will discuss spec details and scheduling. If there are further concerns or changes, the engineer will handle the matter.

  6. 6.Inspect a Prototype

    We will deliver a prototype for you to test. This will provide further chances for alterations and improvements.

  7. 7.Delivery of Final Product

    After all alteration/improvements based on the prototype are settled, we will manufacture and ship the final product. Don’t worry, we’ll give detailed instructions on proper operation.

Contact FLOM Here  +81428-30-7454  Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00 (Japan Time)24 Hour Contact Through Email HERE