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Case Studies Case Study 2. (Injector) Successful high precision injection of super low volume samples

Company I was looking for high precision but super low volume injector.

Besides the standard products listed on this website, at FLOM we also do a lot of custom design and manufacture for the specialty needs of our customers. For example we’re very good at customizing to achieve the solvent and sample volumes requested. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us and let us know exactly what you want.

The Challenge

Company I has having trouble with the injection of extremely small sample volumes. The slightest variation in operation or fluid path diameter would skew their results. They absolutely needed an injection component that offered extremely good precision in operation with a very tight fluid path ID to minimize variation in the tiny volume of sample being used.

The Customer’s Plea

“Can you make us an injector with uncompromising accuracy with a supersmall volume and path ID?”

FLOM’s Response

To fit Company I’s requirements, we put together a total plan that included an injector with a sample capacity of only 55μl, a fluid path ID of 0.15mm, and a working accuracy of 1 part per 100. To ensure a secure connection at the intake for such a small volume, we opted to use 1/32” tubing as well.

Customer comment on the finished product

As promised, the injector satisfied all the customer’s requirements for high accuracy, extremely small fluid path and volume, and stable operation. Their comment: “We didn’t think you could do it! You’ve exceeded our expectations totally”.

Total Delivery Time

Initial discussion to concept/proposal: 2 weeks
Concept/proposal to working prototypes: 8 weeks
Prototypes to final delivery: 6 weeks
Total: 16 weeks
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