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FLOM - Aiming for the Top in LC Components

Since our start in 1990, FLOM has been supplying parts and components to the world’s major analytical device manufacturers. We continue to innovate and create new and unique products, pursuing our goals of high performance, compact design, light weight, and low cost.

Why Choose FLOM?

1.The Miniaturization Specialists! Our components will fit into your device.

When problems occur in liquid chromatography system development, often the best thing to do is replace the problem parts with new components. But that brings up the issue of compatibility. If you’re having trouble finding components that fit your current systems, or are hesitating because of high prices, be sure to talk to FLOM.

As miniaturization specialists, we’re major league developers of very compact and sophisticated components for incorporation into LC systems. We’ve almost never failed to find any adequate solution to our customer's quandaries. It shows in the compliments they’ve given us over the years.

2.Parts and Service both “Made in Japan” at Our Factory

All of FLOMs regular product lines and our specialty one-off products are designed and built in our factory in Japan. That includes all assembly and quality control as well. Both before and after delivery, we’re proud to continue the heritage of craftsmanship and service that makes Japanese products a byword for high quality. Our Japanese staff carry on the tradition at every stage of the process, from design, development, and proposal, to final delivery and after-service as well.

Though supplying our overseas customers may take a bit more time and work, with time and language differences to take into account, even then FLOM works hard to make sure our responses are timely and accurate. When a customer, sweating out some knotty problems on their own shop floor or workshop, says to us something like “I need answers right away”, or “This is what I need you to do”, it brings out the best in the talents of our team members and the strength of our organization.

3.FLOM ? A Leading Japanese Valve Manufacturer

People usually think of the large foreign manufacturers when they think of valves, but we think that FLOM gives the best value. We aren’t billed as a world class valve maker, but our products consistently beat those of a major well-known firm for durability and extremely low price. Our quality, cost and service is second to none!

Our customers have chosen us for our sincere dedication to service and organizational responsiveness. This has put us into the top class of valve makers in Japan in terms of volume sold (including OEM systems).

4.Nimble response for small lots and quick turnaround

FLOM is dedicated to provide fast, nimble response to unexpected supply problems and cost overruns. If your development process hits a sudden snag, and none of the usual answers will do, talk to FLOM. We’re particularly good at finding the answer when the problem involves small lots and quick turnarounds.

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About Us

President’s Message

Our Goal -- Innovations that Change the Market Forever

With the basic goal of developing the best parts and components possible for liquid control, FLOM was founded in October, 1990. Since then we’ve been manufacturing and selling our high pressure valves and other components, both stand-alone and OEM units, to the major players in the analytical device market.

The year after our founding we announced, and began shipping of, our new GASTORR line of super compact high performance degassing units, for sale both as OEM embeddables and stand-alones, to both the Japanese and overseas markets.

In 1992 we developed our first super compact Intelligent Pump. This incorporated a revolutionary and innovative pump mechanism which attracted much favorable comment, and the compact design led to its incorporation into many liquid chromatography OEM systems.

Over the years we’ve introduced a wealth of new products to the market, but in almost all cases our focus has been on the components; that has been our mission from the start. With this in mind we have always focused on making “Innovations that Change the Market Forever”. This central focus has won us mutually beneficial relations with many device manufacturers. On these relations we base our boast that we are very close to being the standard in OEM components for the analytical device market.

Currently we export to most of the major manufacturing countries, including North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and we participate in major area exhibitions such as Pittcon in the US, where we show major global makers and dealers our latest designs and developments.

The analytical market needs ever faster, ever more high performance solutions, but at the same time we have all become concerned about the impacts of our activities on the environment-material recycling, for instance, is a major concern these days. So we promise not only to continue improving the compactness and reducing the weight and cost of our products, but also to offer recycleable products with reduced impact on our fragile environment. Developing these new, low impact, more efficient products is one way where we can make a wholly positive contribution to the wellbeing of our world.

Company Profile

Name FLOM Corporation
Established October 31, 1990
Address 5-32-10 Shinmachi, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan 198-0024
Telephone +81428-30-7454
Fax +81428-30-7452
Representative Director Toshiyuki Shiba
Capitalization 50,000,000 JPY
Accounting Period Ends September
Employees 16 (as of 11/1/2012)
Banks Higashi-Nippon Bank, Haijima Branch
Seibu Shinkin Bank, Mitsubara Branch
Resona Bank, Fussa Branch
Business Lines Development, design, manufacture, and sale of scientific and labor-saving devices, and of parts and components for similar OEM systems
Main Customers Asahi Techneion, Eicom, SAS, Ever Seiko, M&S Instruments, CHRATEC Kurahashi Giken, GL Sciences, Shiseido, Shimadzu GLC, SOMA Optics, Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, TSL, Tokyo Rikakikai, DKK-TOA, Eyela, Tosoh, Todoroki Sangyo, Nikkiso, Nihon Waters, Nihon Dionex, Japan Analytical Industry Co., Hitachi High Technologies, Moritex, Yokogawa Electric
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FLOM Corporation
5-32-10 Shinmachi, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan 198-0024
TEL: +81428-30-7454
FAX: +81428-30-7452


Company Structure


1990 October Established in Fussa City, Tokyo
  December Developed high pressure valve
1991 April Developed super compact degassing unit GASTORR Series
1992 December Began shipping super compact pump
1993 February Began shipping GASTORR 100 Series
  April Began shipping EASY FITT Series
  December Capitalization increased to 20,000,000 JPY
1994 October Began shipping compact single pump
1995 December Began shipping GASTORR 150 and 120 Series
1996 April Began shipping embeddable degassors, auto pumps, and valves
1997 April Began shipping super compact thermostatic column ovens
1998 July Moved company to Ome City, Japan
  October Capitalization increased to 30,000,000 JPY
1999 October Developed super compact auto valves
2001 March Began shipping pulse control single pumps
  May First website
2002 August Began shipping dual pumps for FIA
  November Began shipping GASTORR 700 Series
    Began shipping Autosamplers
2004 September Capitalization increased to 50,000,000 JPY
  December Moved to new facility built in Shinmachi, Ome City, Tokyo
2005 March Developed high durability ceramic valve
2006 May Began shipping non-pulsatile micro-pumps
    Began shipping GASTORR AG/BG Series
    Began shipping Dual Pump KP Series
2007 January Developed high pressure valves for UHPLC
2008 March Began shipping super compact valves, VF Series
  May Began shipping Intelligent Pump AI-22 Series
2009 May Began shipping GASTORR VG-20 Series
  July Developed high pressure injectors for UHPLC
2012 November Began shipping GASTORR AG/BG-30 Series
1990 100,000,000 JPY
1991 150,000,000 JPY
1992 180,000,000 JPY
1993 240,000,000 JPY
1994 280,000,000 JPY
1995 260,000,000 JPY
1996 210,000,000 JPY
1997 300,000,000 JPY
1998 320,000,000 JPY
1999 330,000,000 JPY
2000 330,000,000 JPY
2001 360,000,000 JPY
2002 400,000,000 JPY
2003 410,000,000 JPY
2004 980,000,000 JPY
2005 480,000,000 JPY
2006 600,000,000 JPY
2007 590,000,000 JPY
2008 710,000,000 JPY
2009 540,000,000 JPY
2010 590,000,000 JPY
2011 620,000,000 JPY

Employment Opportunities at FLOM

At FLOM we look for people who can work freely in a loosely structured work environment. We value independent thought and individual input, knowing that the strong points of our employees can become the strong points of the whole organization. We encourage people with a strong sense of self to apply.

※Unfortunately, we are no longer hiring this year. Please check here again for future opportunities.

Privacy Policy

FLOM (hereafter “the Company”) strictly follows all relevant privacy laws and regulations as they pertain to the handling of personal data. The Company considers the following personal data: personal names, birthdates, addresses, and other data capable of distinguishing an individual (including single pieces of data which, when collated with other data, can be used to distinguish an individual).

Concerning the collection of personal data

The company, in the course of its daily business, often collects the personal data from the documents or situations listed below.

  • Product Orders
  • General Inquiries
  • Product Information Inquiries
  • Replies on Survey Forms
  • Marketing Campaign Forms
  • Replies for Full and Part Time Employment, and Volunteer Work

Purposes for Collecting Personal Data

The Company uses personal data generated in the activities listed above in the following ways.

  • To confirm orders and ship products to customers
  • To answer inquiries and confirm adequate responses
  • To relay information about products and services
  • To confirm purchase histories and ensure satisfactory after-service
  • To analyze data to improve our products and services
  • To offer appropriate service and feedback to customers

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

As a firm principle, the Company will not reveal any personal data obtained to any third party, except under the following conditions:

  • When the person to whom the data belongs agrees to both the receiver of the data, and the contents of the data to be received;
  • When the appropriate data is needed by a shipping company to make a product delivery.

Management and Protection of Personal Data

The Company will make every reasonable effort to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, illicit access and leakage of all personal data obtained by employing appropriate data control systems.

Disclosure, Revision, and Deletion of Personal Data

We make every effort to keep up to date and accurate records of personal data. If you are concerned about the disclosure or deletion of your data, the person whose data it is should contact the Privacy Protection Supervisor listed below. In order to prevent the possible transmission of personal data to third parties, requests to alter or delete personal data must come directly from the relevant individual.

Alterations in Our Personal Privacy Policy

From time to time the Company may need to update/revise this personal privacy policy. When this occurs we will immediately post the new policy on this website.

Contact for Personal Privacy Policy Questions

Contact the supervisor below if you have any questions or concerns about your data or our privacy policy.

FLOM Corporation
Privacy Protection Supervisor: Ken Kitamura
5-32-10 Shinmachi, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan 198-0024
TEL: +81428-30-7454 FAX: +81428-30-7452

Contact FLOM Here  +81428-30-7454  Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00 (Japan Time)24 Hour Contact Through Email HERE